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04.30.13 (7:22 am)   [edit]

Stephen Pizzuti - A Man Devoted To Spreading Joy

If there is one person in the community that spreads joy and love it is Stephen Pizzuti. This individual is no one special or great. He is a normal human being like you and me. The only difference being that he is a philanthropist with a heart of gold. Besides work he has dedicated his life and goals towards the service of mankind. He is a friend of the poor and helpless. He wishes to see an improvement in the life of his fellow human beings and this is the reason why he is dedicated and devoted towards the development and well-being of his less fortunate brothers and sisters. Stephen is a man of refined manners and pleasant demeanor. He believes in moral values like honesty, trust, reputation, love, compassion, kindness etc. It is rare to find people like Stephen Pizzuti these days. He is a man whose presence is a soothing and comforting one. Even when you talk to him for the first time he makes you feel that you have known him for years. He is a soft spoken person with a great heart. Those who know him personally state he is a caring and amazing individual to know. The best part of Stephen is there is not an inch of pride or arrogance in him. This is why he is well loved. If you look at him for the first time you will feel the urge to give him respect and love. In his personal life Stephen spends most of his time bringing peace and joy to his fellow human beings. He loves feeding the homeless and making them aware that they are not alone in this world. He spends a considerable amount of his time voluntarily organizing soup kitchens. He is a person very much into baseball and this is his favorite sport. His ultimate goal and objective in life is to serve the poor and needy. He loves dividing his life between social service and work. For him bringing a smile to the faces of his fellow humans is the biggest valuable asset he can get. For him spreading joy, compassion and love are his sole mission. He knows that his calling lies in the service to mankind and this is the biggest energy boost he gets. He loves to bring a smile to the faces of all he comes across and this is why he loved and adored by all and sundry in the community.